Beetle Green Consulting & Education

Participants getting on-site experience with co-housing and greywater recycling through the Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) certification.

Welcome to Beetle Green !

Beetle Green
works with builders, designers, owners, and operators to develop sustainable solutions to buildings and communities.

Based in Saskatchewan, Canada and led by Sarah McRaven, Beetle Green helps answer questions such as:

  • How do I get a building LEED certified?
  • Will a green home cost me more?
  • How do I foster community support?
  • Why is my power bill so high?

Please contact me with your questions.

Get Trained
  • Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) certification program for building professionals
  • Green construction site training for builders
  • Selling green homes workshops for realtors
Get Certified

Get Advice

  • Lean & green sustainable building design
  • Integrated Design Process facilitation
  • Community engagement & behavior change

Get Assessed

  • Healthy home assessment
  • Small business sustainability assessment
  • Restaurant & cafe sustainability assessment
Get Certified as a
Sustainable Building Advisor
Registration now OPEN for:
Regina & Saskatoon.

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